One-off Episodes

The Return from Mars

In 1981, Radio 4's Saturday Night Theatre slot ran a special science fiction season, featuring stories such as The First Men in the Moon, The Chrysalids, A Fall of Moondust and The Technicolor Time Machine. Charles Chilton was asked to write a new one-off 90-minute episode of Journey Into Space for this slot, and The Return from Mars was the result. The plot was an approximate continuation from the end of The World in Peril (one major contradiction being that the crew return aboard Discovery, which was left behind on Mars in The World in Peril). After more than thirty years in space, and missing presumed dead, the crew finally return to Earth. The episode was broadcast on March 7, 1981.

Frozen in Time

A new episode based on the original series, with David Jacobs finally taking the role of Jet Morgan (who has aged while the rest of his crew were in suspended animation owing to a systems malfunction). Charles Chilton wrote the one hour play which was set in the year 2013. Broadcast on Radio 4 on Saturday April 12, 2008. This was released by BBC Audio in January 2009.

The Host

A further new episode based on the original series by Chilton, written by Julian Simpson starred Toby Stephens as Jet Morgan. Another one hour play, it was set in the year 2079. Broadcast as The Saturday Play on Radio 4 on Saturday June 27, 2009.