The daring astronauts whose missions we follow

Captain Andrew “Jet” Morgan
Portrayed by Andrew Faulds

Jet is the leader and usually the spokesperson and figurehead (both for the crew and for Earth). Strong-willed and stubborn – and occasionally impulsive – he commands fierce loyalty amongst those that follow him.

Doctor Daniel “Doc” Matthews
Portrayed by Guy Kingsley Poynter

Doc is very often the voice of reason and insight. His reasoning and analytical mind are matched by his compassionate nature and Doc is the most laid-back and thoughtful of the crew.

Stephen “Mitch” Mitchell
Portrayed by Bruce Beeby / Don Sharp

Mitch is the engineer and designer of both Luna and Discovery. He displays the ‘typical Aussie’ traits of being forthright and outspoken, but nonetheless commands respect for his technical prowess.

Lemuel “Lemmy” Barnet
Portrayed by David Kossoff / Alfie Bass

Radio operator Lemmy is technically the least qualified of the crew, but proves is credentials as a first class communications engineer on more than one occasion. His outgoing and chatty nature, and sometimes child-like innocence make him popular with the crew and the character that the audience can most identify with.