Cast and Crew

The actors that brought these characters to life

Andrew Faulds
01/03/1923 – 31/05/2000

Portrayed Jet

Born in Tanzania to missionary parents, Faulds served in forces during the war before becoming a stage actor. His part in Journey Into Space brought him to the public’s attention, after which he became a prolific TV and film actor.

After a brush with politics in the early sixties, Faulds became the MP for Smethwick in 1964 and held the seat until his retirement in 1997.

Guy Kingsley Poynter
03/09/1915 – 06/09/1983

Portrayed Doc

Kingsley-Poynter was a well-known narrator and voiceover artist from New York, and had worked with Chilton before Journey Into Space. This role brought him greater prominence and was well known on sixties’ television.

Bruce Beeby
21/10/1921 – 20/10/2013

Portrayed Mitch

Beeby was an Australian actor who had worked primarily in British films and TV. Following Journey Into Space, he went on to appear in several live plays, both on British screens and in his homeland.

Don Sharp
19/04/1921 – 14/12/2011

Portrayed Mitch

Tasmanian Sharp enlisted in the Australian Air Force during the war, during which time he started appearing on radio and stage. After moving to the UK in 1950, he played several small parts before taking the role of Mitch.

Following the series, Sharp turned to writing and directing, at which he became very successful.

David Kossoff
24/11/1919 – 23/03/2005

Portrayed Lemmy

Kossoff was an exceptionally well-known and decorated screen and film actor and starred in many famous films, both before and after his work in Journey Into Space.

In later years, he became a vehement anti-drugs campaigner, following the death of his son, Paul, who was a guitarist with the band Free.

Alfie Bass
10/04/1916 – 15/07/1987

Portrayed Lemmy

Bass became an actor in around menial jobs in the late thirties and forties. He started with making documentaries and moved on to the stage and radio (including Journey Into Space) before making some film appearances and taking small roles in a number of British TV series, right up until the early eighties.

Charles Chilton MBE
15/06/1917 – 02/01/2013

Writer / Producer

Chilton was raised by his grandmother after his parents both died when he was very young. He had an apprenticeship making signs, and joined the BBC as a messenger boy.

He progressed through the Corporation and began producing shortly before the war, during which he became a radio operator, which provided much inspiration for the series.

He was presented with an MBE in 1976, a year before retiring after serving the Corporation for 46 years. In his later life, he was a London walks tour guide.